Fancy taking on a Lead Role?

We are still looking to fill a few Lead Roles for this years’ London Decom – Could it be YOU?

Welfare Lead & Co-Leads

Manages the Welfare Enough area, providing a safe and comfortable environment with tea, coffee for those that have partied a bit too hard.

Gate co-lead

Oversees gate office set-up, including ticket taking, clicker, stamping process once someone has passed through the gate and just before they enter the event. Also responsible for directing performers etc to performance and music team / stage manager.

Greeters co-leads

Oversees the Greeters area working with Construction and Decor to create a welcoming area that draws inspiration from the wider theme. Responsible for welcoming arrivals after gate entrance

Ranger co-leads & D Rangers

Agrees to stay sober all night. Will be the person(s) called if the police arrive. Oversees a sub-team of mostly sober people (potentially on shift).

If any of these have your name on it or you have any questions please contact Lexy onĀ