Important things you really do not want to forget

Original, valid photo ID (think, can I get on a plane with it?  Yes? You’re good. No? It won’t do.) MUST be presented for admission. This is a term of the venue licence. It is not an issue if the gender on the ID is not the same as the presenting gender of the ticket holder.
If you forget it, there is nothing the venue can do – it is not their rule.
Electronic ticket is absolutely sufficient, please don’t print, just make sure your phone is charged and we scan it. 
Your own cup
This is a Burning Man event and whilst we are in a commercial venue, we encourage you to bring your own cup or bottle to get your drinks. No glass or ceramic please and must be empty.
Cash for the cloakroom. It is £2.50 per item and cash only. There will be 2 cloakrooms this year.
Clothes to print on if you want to take part in the Molecular XR Block Printing Workshop.