Important Venue Details & Why you really want to come early!

OK, this is an important one as there are a few venue quirks we need you to know about – and if you bought a ticket for someone or sold your ticket to somebody please make sure they read this!

The event starts at 8pm. From experience we know some of you may be thinking it’s a good idea to turn up late – late is somewhere between 10pm – 12am.

 DON’T and Here’s WHY:

  • SOME OF THE ROOMS ARE CLOSING EARLY– Yes, that’s correct. The venue consists of various rooms and some will be taken over by other regular events – with our rooms closing from 2am
  • For more details, please see Performance & DJ Set Times.
  • ID checks (YES, you absolutely need to bring that, see below) mean queues take longer. The earlier you come the quicker the queue will be.
  • Extraordinary Performancesincluding Burlesque, Aerial and even a Ceilidh (trust us, you do not want to miss it!!) happening between 8-10pm!
  • LIMITED EDITION FREE DECOM GIFTSfor the first 100 – you know you want that swag!
  • HAPPY HOUR– we have negotiated special deals from 8-10pm (Whoop!)

Official last entry is 2am but it would mean you actually missing out on the absolutely gorgeous Fluffing Café. You don’t want that….

=> The staggered closing times mean, some Strike (ie removing all the lovely décor) is happening throughout the night. Thanks to everybody that has signed up already but you will also have a chance to just step up for half an hour on the night. Any hand will be greatly appreciated so if you’re sober-ish and in the area when rooms get closed, stay back and see if you can help?

Some other important venue points:

  • There are a few entrances – this is the one you want: ‘6a South Lambeth Place’ into Vauxhall Street Food Garden.
  • There will be food and drinks available for sale throughout the night. It is a commercial venue, so please do not bring in any drinks or food, they will be confiscated by security. (But no worries, some of the themecamps have special permissions for their own special secret gifts – you need to hunt these out and find them early on in the night before they run dry.)
  • DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR PHOTO ID!You will not be allowed in without your Photo ID. It must be an original Photo ID, no copies (your lovely dusty copy on your cup won’t cut it!). Seriously, don’t forget it!
  • Security– this is a London venue. Expect security to be as strict and thorough as you would in any other nightclub / venue. Please be respectful and patient with the bouncers especially on your way in through the queue. You will of course have our fabulous Greeters along the way too and just make friends with your fellow burners should it take a little longer to get in.
  • You can bring in your cup – please no glass or ceramic. Bottles are not allowed (even empty ones!)
  • Gender Neutral Toilets – some of the toilets will be gender neutral and will be clearly marked as such.
  • There will be Toilet Attendants.  This is one of the things where we had to compromise on, it being a London commercial venue. The attendants are not being paid a salary, so earning only any tips they receive. It is entirely your choice of course if you do want to tip or not.