It’s nearly time! Important information for ticket holders.

It’s not long to go now until London Decompression 2017 on Friday!  We’re very excited!

Please read the following critical information for all ticket holders. 


The Coronet, 28 New Kent Rd, London SE1 6TJ.



Tickets can be scanned either from a printout or from your mobile phone.  There will be no tickets available for sale on the door.



8pm to 6am

Last entry to the venue is strictly 2am. We strongly advise arriving well before 1am, to factor in queuing time. Even if you are in the queue when the gates close at 2am, you won’t get in; the venue has mandated this due to licence restrictions. We have lots of exciting performances and workshops happening from 8pm onwards, and Happy Hour at the bar is 8pm to 10pm, so come early and enjoy the fun!


Bring your photo ID

You will only be allowed in if you bring valid photo ID with you, such as your passport or driving licence (no photocopies).  If you bought a ticket for someone else, make sure they know this!  No photo ID means no entry.  This is a requirement laid down by the council and neither we nor the venue can override it.



If queuing is a major issue due to health problems, please send your name and the name of one aide to  For those burners whose ID no longer matches what they look like, this won’t be a problem. Please e-mail, and we’ll give you details of who you need to speak to on the door. You still need to bring photo ID!



Please remember that Decom is held in a commercial venue. Expect to be searched when you arrive and please do not bring liquids, including water, or open food packets, as these items will be confiscated.



You are welcome to bring snacks as gifts.  Sweet and savoury snacks must be wrapped and factory sealed, and will be collected at the door and passed on to one of our theme camps, ‘The Amphibian Lounge’, who will make the food available throughout the night.  Please ensure that the food is labelled to show whether it is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc and especially with any nut content.  If you are involved with setup, you can also drop food off at ‘The Amphibian Lounge’ during the day.


Bring Your Own Cup

Live the principle, Leave No Trace by bringing your own unbreakable cup or drinking vessel (no glass or ceramic). Your cup can be used at the bar or at the theme camps that are serving drinks.


Theme: Metamorphosis & Illusion

A curious world of distorted dimensions, weird illusions and tricks of the eye.  This year’s London Decom will give you a doorway into an alternate reality, turned upside down, accelerated and put through a bendy fairground mirror. Inspired by the architectural illusions of Escher with an extra twist of the surreal, the only boundary on the space-time continuum is your imagination.



D-Rangers are burners who have volunteered to stay sober and keep an eye on the safety and well-being of our community during the event. They’ll be wearing a sexy purple sash with ‘D-Ranger’ on it.  Remember, we as a community look out for each other, but when you need extra help, find a D-Ranger.



We have to talk about consent. It is everyone’s responsibility to obtain consent and everyone’s right to provide or withhold it.  As a community we need to call out behaviour that we don’t find acceptable.  This year, we would like everyone to be proactive in helping each other by being a ‘Consent Ally’ to promote consent and spread the message about what is acceptable and expected behavior. An Ally is not necessarily there to intervene but can escalate to the D-Rangers or Security if required.  No need to sign up, everyone can be an Ally.



We still need volunteers to sign up for fluffing shifts.  You are needed during the day on Thursday and especially on Friday between 9am and 5pm, or at 6am on Saturday morning to keep the workers fed and watered.  Email for more details.



We need volunteers to help with Strike from 5:45am. Breakfast is provided!  You can join the Strike Team on the day; collect a strike wristband at the meeting point in the foyer from 5:45am. Look out for the meeting point sign and the Strike Leads in their yellow high vis jackets.  If you have any questions, email


After Party

If you would like to volunteer for the after party please email

You will of course still need to purchase an after party ticket from


See you on the 10th November and please keep an eye on the Facebook event page London Decompression 2017 as we will be regularly updating it with useful info.