London DAYCOM is happening for the first time!

That’s right just when you thought London Decompression had reached the limits of possibility, being one of the best events and followed by an afterparty which cannot be matched, we thought:

Why not have a day / pre party as well? So, we will! 

DAYCOM will be a free and inclusive event. Under 18s are welcome and encouraged. We wanted to create a space where all burners can come and be part of London Decom experience.

When: 17th November – 14.00 – 19.00 (ish)

WhereLondon Fire (aka the London Decom venue)

Tickets: You will need a membership – details will follow soon, but we can already tell you that it will be free! We just need to know numbers to ensure there is enough space..

As this is the first time we are creating this event and as with all burns we need you to make it happen. These are our initial thoughts on what the day can offer

  • Family friendly inclusive space
  • Arts and crafts, in particular making art and installations for Decom
  • Workshops
  • Boogie room
  • Chill space with a cafe
  • Volunteering space for Decom

We would love to see under 18s leading as many things as possible.

Remember it only happens if you make it happen, so here’s where you all you volunteers can sign up.

If you have any questions please contact the team on


See you all soon, you lovely bunch of beautiful burners

The DAYCOM team xxx