London Decompression tickets have now sold out

Tickets have now sold out.

However, if you have had a low income ticket approved, but have not yet bought it, go to and follow the on screen instructions to purchase your ticket.

Secondhand tickets are likely to come on the market especially closer to the event. Keep an eye on the London Decom Facebook page as well as any other Burner Pages (UK Burners, London Burners, Nowhere/Euroburners).

Beware Spammers though! Each membership bought ONE ticket only, so treat anybody offering multiple tickets with caution. If you have suspicions about any posts, please do let us know on

Please do not sell or buy tickets above sale price – i.e. £25 (£27.54 incl fees) for general sales tickets and £15 (£16.76 incl fees). Gifting is also a fabulous option 🙂

For any ticket questions: