London Decompression Townhall – 18th September

Before lots of you head off into the dust, here’s a date for your diary: the London Decompression Townhall!

We’ll be meeting on Wednesday 18th September at 7pm upstairs at The Apple Tree

Why come along?

To find out how to get involved in making this year’s event even better than last year. There is plenty of scope for new people to get involved and shine. The meeting is a perfect way to find out what is actually involved in each role and possibly also, to speak to the people that have done it before.

You’ll also get to hear what’s been happening behind the scenes over the last few months and have a drink with a lovely bunch of people. The Apple Tree kitchen produces delicious food, so you might want to arrive early to take advantage of it. The venue requests that we don’t bring our own food.

We look forward to seeing lots of you there.

Dusty hugs )’(