More DAYCOM tickets released

We have just released a second round of tickets which you can get here:

Daycom is a daytime family friendly event with over 12 talks, workshops, a chill cafe, DJs and a whole host of interactive elements scheduled to run from 2PM – 7PM.

We are looking for help during the day with gate, greeters, rangers, LNT, welfare and cafe servers. Youngsters are also most welcome to participate as volunteers in decor.

All volunteers must be registered as members of Decom and register for a ticket to Daycom.

This is the link to register for volunteering:

Tickets to Daycom are free, and only adults need to book tickets with their existing membership.

Daycom tickets are limited so if you can’t make it on the day, be super awesome and gift them to someone who can 🙂

Dusty Hugs,