THANK YOU wonderful amazing fabulous Volunteers

The Volunteers Leads would like to thank each and every one of you who volunteered your time to make this event a success.  We processed 214 volunteers in total for set-up, and this figure doesn’t include all the awesome people who volunteered your time during the events!


We do understand that there may have been a few glitches in the sign-up and contact processes, please be assured that we are already working on fixing these for next year (and remember, you are welcome to sign up to help with volunteer processing as well, if you think there’s a better way of doing this – all suggestions are welcome!)!


A huge thank you goes to the Fluffing Team as well, who made sure all the hardworking set-up peeps were fed, watered and shown the love – we salute you!


You should all take pride in the fabulous event on Saturday – because it really is the case that, without you, this could not have gone ahead.


We love you all!
Kay and James
Volunteers Leads