Buy Tickets

London Decompression tickets have now sold out

However, if you have had a low income ticket approved, but have not yet bought it, go to and follow the on screen instructions to purchase your ticket.

For any ticket questions:

For resale tickets, keep an eye on our Facebook event and other Burner groups. Beware Scammers though! Each membership bought ONE ticket only, so treat anybody offering multiple tickets with caution. If you have suspicions about any offers, please do let us know on


Once you have purchased your ticket you will also be able to pick which team(s) you’d love to volunteer with this year – YEAH! London Decom is organised by volunteers only and shifts are usually just 2-3 hours, so plenty of party time left. Some roles are even pre-event as we transform the Vauxhall Arches at Fire into the wonderful Molecular Spectacular venue. If you are new to the our community, it’s a fantastic way to meet other burners and it’s a lot of fun being part of the crew that make the magic happen.

To volunteer, log into and sign up to participate.