Venue Hunt

London Decompression are always looking at possible new venues for a future event. Over the years we’ve built up quite a comprehensive list of London venues. You can see that list in this link.

If you have a venue that you feel would be right for our main event then we’d love to hear about it. Check the list and see if it’s on there already and what our thoughts are about it.

If you want to know what we look for in a venue then check out this little leaflet HERE  which we are now using to show any new venues what our requirements are.

We do feel it has to be somewhere in or around London, otherwise it makes it much harder for us as so many of our core teams are based in London. We also prefer to look at actual venues rather than just empty warehouses otherwise there is a lot of extra complexity and time involved in making it both legal and safe for our event.

If you have some additional or new information about a suitable venue on our list or even a NEW venue that’s not on there then you can email the details to and we can investigate more.

Thank You!