Venue Security – Update

We have heard the community feedback highlighting issues with security at last year’s London Decom and have been working with the venue to ensure there is no repeat. Various steps have been taken as a result.

Most importantly, we are very pleased to announce that we will be working alongside Black Ops Security at this years London Decom at Fire, using them in a liaison role between us and the venue security. Gary (from Black Ops) and Cheese (Venue for Decom) had a meeting with all the key Fire managers last week to discuss security for this year’s event, their search & ejection policies and how we can improve things for everyone. Note that Fire always use their own security company for all their events and that this is not something they would negotiate on.

Who are Black Ops Security? 

If you’ve been to Nest, you might have met Gary and Vanessa, the owners of Black Ops Security. Both are professionals in the security field and also understand the burn community and our ethos and principles and this is the reason we’ve used them there for so many years.

Additionally, we have agreed various measures with the venue, including (but not limited to):

  • Gary, our Rangers and Event leads will be part of the venue security briefings ahead of London Decom and on the night to ensure ALL staff including security are informed of our agreements with the venue.
  • In addition to Gary we will have two of our Rangers present at security gates to observe and assist with any mediation required, at the request of security and/or guests.
  • Everyone should expect to have their bags searched as well as a pat-down, similar to at airport security. Explicit consent will NOT be requested for each person as EVERYONE will be searched. (If you do not consent, you may be required to leave site immediately).
  • Guests can ask to be body-searched by a security gender of their choice, regardless of the gender on their ID.


We are continuously working to improve our event and trust these steps will ensure a smoother running. 

London Decom Team