What to expect when you arrive at the venue

In the queue, you’ll meet our wonderful Greeters and our Gate crew will come through to check your tickets and give you your specially designed London Decom entry stamp.
You’ll then get to security – this is a London venue. Expect security to be as strict and thorough as you would in any other nightclub / venue. Please be respectful and patient with the security staff especially on your way in through the queue.
Additionally, in response to feedback from the community last year, we have engaged Black Ops Security (Gary & Vanessa) to work in a liaison role between us and the venue security. You can expect to see them as well as two of our D-Rangers present at security gates to observe and assist with any mediation required at the request of security and/or guests.

  • ID will be checked. Please have your ID ready when you get to security to help speed up entry for all.
  • Everyone should expect to have their bags searched as well as a pat-down, similar to at airport security. Explicit consent will NOT be requested for each person as EVERYONE will be searched. If you do not consent to a search, you will not be allowed admission. Fire have an obligation to search people and often find weapons at other nights. Whilst we know that burners don’t usually carry weapons, the venue can’t be seen to be relaxed on this as they could lose their licence. 
  • Guests can ask to be body-searched by a security gender of their choice, regardless of the gender on their ID.