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London Decompression is created by YOU!

There are many ways you can get involved:


How to interpret this years theme – Underground Uprising?

We have given you a manic mash-up and mixing of metaphors to give you the greatest of freedom to pick what appeals most – is it the richness of the great classical stories of labyrinths and minotaurs, underworlds and ghostly boatmen, or the powerful iconography of that most famous of revolutions, in 20th century Russia? Perhaps it is in the dark humour of the Divine Comedy that you find your inspiration – the tortured characters of the 9 circles of hell?

Infernos, afterlife’s, new dawns and enlightenments, it’s all about journeys.

So we would love to hear proposals for art pieces, installations, interactive pieces and immersive performances and walkabouts that draw people into this underworld, tell a subterranean story, allow them to play their own part in a myth, or be caught up in a revolution….


All positions are unpaid and everyone must buy a ticket.