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Is London Decompression a limited company?

Yes, but a particular type of limited company, one limited by guarantee. This means there are no shares or shareholders.  You can read the full text of the legal Articles of Association for London Decompression Ltd here. However, if you just want a quick summary of the key details, you’ll get the gist from reading the answers to the questions below.


Who owns London Decompression?

We are a members organisation so that the members own the company. However, ownership does not give members any rights to the company assets.


Is London Decompression a democracy?

No. Well partly. It might be best described as a do-ocracy. The most active members, currently known as the Leads and Uberleads, who put on our main event get a vote. They are called Full Members. Other members, known as Associate Members, can attend the AGM but do not get a vote.


What are Full Members?

Full Members are the Leads and Uberleads as listed in a Google doc used for the organisation, currently known as the ‘Ubersheet’.


What are Associate Members?

Associate Members are members with restricted membership rights. See ticket purchase requirements.


What are Trustees?

The Trustees are Full Members of London Decom. In addition, they are also legally responsible for fulfilling the legal requirements of administering the company such as the returns to Companies House, keeping a membership record and submitting a tax return for the company.


Who elects the Trustees?

The Trustees are elected by the Full Members, made up of the Leads and Uberleads.


Who elects the Leads and Uberleads?

The Leads and Uberleads are not elected. They are chosen by the Trustees, or other Full Members who the Trustees may co-opt to make those decisions.


Where can I see the Articles of Association?  

The Articles of Association, Revision 2.1, are available here.


Who makes a profit from London Decompression?

No one. The company may generate a surplus that is retained for future events. Indeed the purpose of a membership based company limited by guarantee is that no profit is made, as all members are participants and part of the company.


Does London Decompression pay tax?

Tax will only be payable on income derived other than from its members such as interest on bank deposits and any hire of assets to outside parties.


Does London Decompression employ people?

No. The constitution of the company allows employment of people but they may not also be members and no employees are currently planned. The company may engage consultants, suppliers, accountants etc but these will not be employees.


How can I contact London Decompression Ltd?

By email or via our website londondecom.org


How will the constitution affect buying tickets for London Decompression events?

Only members can buy tickets.


Can anyone become a member?

Anyone can become an associate member. Membership is not restricted in any way and we encourage all people who wish to participate in London Decompression events to become members.


How much does membership cost?

Membership is free.


How do I become an associate member?

The membership website has a sign up page for membership. Potential members are asked to consider the ten principles of Burning Man and to agree to participate in the Burning Man community.


How do I become a full Member?

Full members are any volunteer who takes a lead role in organising a London Decompression event. They are selected by the Trustees and/or the Uberleads.


How does memberships work?

The membership website will issue a unique membership number which will be required during purchasing of tickets.


Can a member buy a ticket for a non-member?

No. Every ticket purchased must be by a member.


How many tickets can each member buy?

Each member and associate member will be able to buy one ticket.


Does membership guarantee a ticket?

No. Only members can buy tickets, but tickets for any events are subject to availability. Members will be notified when tickets for events will go on sale.


Can tickets be sold, passed on to someone else or bought for another person?

Yes, but members should ensure that tickets are only passed on to other members. Tickets should never be sold for more than their face value. The onus is on the ticket selling member to ensure that any subsequent ticket purchaser is also a member.


When can I become a member?

Membership is available throughout the year.


How do I renew my membership?

In order for us to maintain a proper, up to date list, all memberships lapse at the end of March each year. We will email you to remind you to renew your membership for the next year, which will be available from the start of April onwards.


How will you protect my data?

London Decompression will not sell or pass on to third parties membership information and will use best endeavours to secure all such information.


How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel membership, send an email to members@londondecom.org


How is London Decompression Ltd run?

There will be an AGM each year and those entitled to vote at that AGM are defined by the constitution of London Decompression Ltd.


What happens at the AGM?

At that AGM, matters such as agreement of annual accounts, general policy and the structure and running of the operation are discussed and voted on. During this meeting, the re-election of trustees and the co-option of any other members takes place. Associate members, as defined above, are entitled to attend this meeting but not to vote.


When will the AGM be?

Usually within a few months of the year’s big event.


Who are the Trustees?

Rob and Hilda will continue to take these roles until the AGM, when they will be able to put themselves up for re-election. They are known as the trustees and specifically as the Chair and Treasurer.


What do the Trustees do?

They work with the Uberleads to set up and run specific areas, defined with those Uberleads and as defined in the web document (known as the Uber document) which covers these areas.


What do the Uberleads do?

The Uberleads are responsible for managing particular aspects of the event, such as entertainments, back end operations, Sound Light and Power, logistics and event time operations. They recruit and liaise with Leads who come under their jurisdiction and who will be running the event.


What do the Leads do?

A lead is responsible for running a specific aspect of the event. Each lead reports to an Uberlead.


Are Uberleads and Leads members of London Decompression Ltd?

Uberleads and Leads will be Full members of London Decompression Ltd, entitled to attend the AGM and to vote.


Why haven’t I seen the word awesome used in this document?

Indeed no Burning Man document would be complete without the use of the word ‘awesome’ somewhere so here it is.