London Decompression will be on 17th November at Fire, Vauxhall.

Tickets are now SOLD OUT
You have your ticket, now how can you get involved? This event is organised by volunteers only; people just like you so do participate and make it the best event yet.



You'll need to be a member in order to buy tickets for the event!


This party is made for you, so you can get involved! Participating as a volunteer is great fun, and very rewarding.


Self Expression is one of the principles of Burning Man, and any burn event around the world.

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Post Event – Lost & Found + Security Issue

Security Issues We have heard of a few isolated incidents with security that we would like to address. As many of you know this was the first year for us in this venue and some issues were to be expected (not nice but true). At this point we can only ...
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THANK YOU wonderful amazing fabulous Volunteers

The Volunteers Leads would like to thank each and every one of you who volunteered your time to make this event a success.  We processed 214 volunteers in total for set-up, and this figure doesn't include all the awesome people who volunteered your time during the events! We do understand ...
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Important Venue Details & Why you really want to come early!

OK, this is an important one as there are a few venue quirks we need you to know about – and if you bought a ticket for someone or sold your ticket to somebody please make sure they read this! The event starts at 8pm. From experience we know some of ...
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Let’s Talk About SEX (and CONSENT, and D-Rangers)

If you're really really short on time - this is your summary London Decom will have a “play space” for the first time - basically a chill space where sex is allowed. We’re encouraging a “two yeses” model of consent for the event, so look out for both verbal consent ...
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Decom AFTERPARTY – Tickets Available

Yes, we are having it all this year, Daycom, Decom AND an awesome Afterparty! Tickets for the Afterparty are available NOW Sunday the 18th, chill, party and keep the burn going into Sunday. We start at 8am (so you got time to help the lovely Decom Team with Strike). Only ...
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More DAYCOM tickets released

We have just released a second round of tickets which you can get here: Daycom is a daytime family friendly event with over 12 talks, workshops, a chill cafe, DJs and a whole host of interactive elements scheduled to run from 2PM - 7PM. We are looking for help ...
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One of the 10 Principles of Burning Man is 'Participate'. What does that mean in the context of London Decom? Everything is organised and done by volunteers; people just like YOU. We all have jobs, families, social lives but are gifting our time, skills and passion to make this wonderful event happen ...
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London DAYCOM Tickets are now available

London DAYCOM tickets are now available - they are FREE but we need you to register please simply so we get an idea on numbers... Important things to know: When: Saturday, 17th November from 2pm - 7pm (ish) Where: Fire, Vauxhall DAYCOM is the daytime part of London Decom and ...
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Leave No Trace (LNT) – What? Why? How?

The global Burning Man community incorporates the core principle of Leave No Trace (LNT) into each event we put on and we are really pleased that we have our very own LNT lead for London Decom. Thank you Will 🙂 “Leaving No Trace is arguably Burning Man’s most important principle. If we don’t ...
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London DAYCOM is happening for the first time!

That's right just when you thought London Decompression had reached the limits of possibility, being one of the best events and followed by an afterparty which cannot be matched, we thought: Why not have a day / pre party as well? So, we will!  DAYCOM will be a free and ...
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