London Decompression will be on 17th November at Fire, Vauxhall.

Tickets are on Sale Now – please head straight over to our ticket site to find out all the details

New for 2018:
You will need to become a member of London Decompression before you can buy tickets.

Visit for more information.

You'll need to be a member in order to buy tickets for the event!


This party is made for you, so you can get involved! Participating as a volunteer is great fun, and very rewarding.


Self Expression is one of the principles of Burning Man, and any burn event around the world.

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London DAYCOM is happening for the first time!

That’s right just when you thought London Decompression had reached the limits of possibility, being one of the best events and followed by an afterparty which cannot be matched, we thought:

Why not have a day / pre party as well? So, we will! 

DAYCOM will be a free and inclusive event. Under 18s are welcome and encouraged. We wanted to create a space where all burners can come and be part of London Decom experience.

When: 17th November – 11.00 – 19.00 (ish)

WhereLondon Fire (aka the London Decom venue)

Tickets: You will need a membership – details will follow soon, but we can already tell you that it will be free! We just need to know numbers to ensure there is enough space..

As this is the first time we are creating this event and as with all burns we need you to make it happen. These are our initial thoughts on what the day can offer

  • Family friendly inclusive space
  • Arts and crafts, in particular making art and installations for Decom
  • Workshops
  • Boogie room
  • Chill space with a cafe
  • Volunteering space for Decom

We would love to see under 18s leading as many things as possible.

Remember it only happens if you make it happen, so here’s where you all you volunteers can sign up.

If you have any questions please contact the team on


See you all soon, you lovely bunch of beautiful burners

The DAYCOM team xxx

Artist & Theme Camp Application Closing This Sunday 14 October

Want to bring your Art or you Theme Camp to London Decompression this November? Then get your applications in…. Deadline is Sunday, 14th October

Creative grants are available to help fund your project so if you have an idea for an awesome artwork, performance or if you want to take over a whole space at London Decom then please visit this form to complete the online questionnaire.

Fancy taking on a Lead Role?

We are still looking to fill a few Lead Roles for this years’ London Decom – Could it be YOU?

Welfare Lead & Co-Leads

Manages the Welfare Enough area, providing a safe and comfortable environment with tea, coffee for those that have partied a bit too hard.

Gate co-lead

Oversees gate office set-up, including ticket taking, clicker, stamping process once someone has passed through the gate and just before they enter the event. Also responsible for directing performers etc to performance and music team / stage manager.

Greeters co-leads

Oversees the Greeters area working with Construction and Decor to create a welcoming area that draws inspiration from the wider theme. Responsible for welcoming arrivals after gate entrance

Ranger co-leads & D Rangers

Agrees to stay sober all night. Will be the person(s) called if the police arrive. Oversees a sub-team of mostly sober people (potentially on shift).

If any of these have your name on it or you have any questions please contact Lexy on

Theme 2018 announced – Underground Uprising

Somewhere underneath a railway in deepest Vauxhalla are chambers and labyrinths, with a conclave of allies, spies and riddles. There are echoes of the ancients and a wisp of smoke from the future. Something is brewing, its name can’t be spoken but you are some of the few who can unlock its secrets and make this happen You will need your red revolutionary hearts, survival spirits and problem solving minds. Bring your friends, be prepared. How many twists of the path might you need to travel before you emerge again?

Remember Ariadne

Volunteer Sign Up is now Open

London Decompression is put on entirely by volunteers – people just like YOU!

We have all sorts of roles to fill so please sign up and we will find something for you. It is a great way to meet other burners and it doesn’t matter if you have been to any burn or if this is your first venture. Shifts are usually just a few hours so will have plenty of time to enjoy the event.

So please do fill in this form and give us an idea of what you’d be most interested in and we’ll get back to you



Artist, performer, theme-camp and DJ applications now open!

Applications are now open to be a part of London Decompression 2018.

Creative grants are also available to help fund your project so if you have an idea for an awesome artwork, performance or even want to take over a whole space at London Decom then please visit this form to complete the online questionaire.


London Decompression has a new constitution. We are now a members organisation. Don’t panic, this is mostly a behind the scenes thing.

Visit  for the details of this and the FAQ.

While you’re there sign up for membership, it’s free and very simple. You WILL need to have joined to buy tickets when they go on sale in September.

London Decompression 2018

Planning for London Decompression 2018 is now well underway!

We have an exciting new venue, a new constitution and a new membership system.

Stay tuned and check back here regularly for details!