Venue Accessibility Information

All the details on the what and where of Decom 2023

Where we are

Decompression is happening at The Cause (Silver Building), 60 Dock Rd, London, E16 1YZ

Car Parking & Drop-Off

There are no nearby designated disabled parking bays or general car parking. The venue is inside ULEZ.

The nearest roadside parking is several minutes walk away, some have very strict parking restrictions (always check signs before parking).

Closest off-street parking along North Woolwich Road. Restricted Monday-Saturday 0800-1830 hrs (unrestricted at all other times).
During restricted times – maximum stay 4 hours, no return within 1 hour. Costs vary depending upon time and day. Call 02070 050055 or use the Pay By Phone website/app. 

Other Pay By Phone car parking on Hanameel Street, Knights Road and Bradfield Road.

Public Transport

The closest train, underground and bus stations are around 600 metres away, approx 7 minute walk. They are:

Planned engineering works: DLR (West-East) Bank-Canning Town. Closed all weekend, replacement buses.
DLR (North-South) Stratford-Canary Wharf. Closed all weekend, replacement buses.

Each of the areas described below will be taken over by different theme camps on the night; more details on this, including the likely activities and content of each room will be shared soon.

General Info

Accurate as of November 2023. Measurements given are approximate minimum tread length, maximum step height, the exact number of steps required to get to the next level and minimum doorway/corridor aperture width ( not the width for the whole passage).

Surface material, condition and lighting is highly variable throughout the venue.

The Cause is a multi-space venue made up of 6 indoor rooms, as well as outside space.

Please read the descriptions below carefully. There is also an accessibility map online below: 

Feel free to reach out to us on with any other questions!

Entrances & Exits

The venue has 1 open entrance on the night. Pavement dips are available on the street.

The Cause main entrance, this is step-free into the rest of the venue, it is however sloped.

If you are waiting in the queue and have accessibility requirements, please identify yourself to a Decom greeter or gate volunteer, or Cause staff, and we can provide temporary seating while you are in the queue.

There are 3 entrances to the indoor rooms, each has doors which are manually operated.

Sensory Info & Welfare

We have asked performers not to use strobe lighting but there may still be bright lights, lasers, and smoke machines used throughout the night. Rooms will definitely be strobe-free though, and we’ll shortly share more info about the likely activities in each room soon.

There will be louder spaces so please bring earplugs if they would help you. And there’ll be more chilled-out spaces – and if you need to take a proper break from festivities, there is also a Welfare space. This has step-free access, seating, calming decor and volunteers on standby to provide cups of tea. And there are fully trained medics available at all times should you need one, just flag down a Ranger or member of the venue security team.

All of the doorways between rooms are wide enough for wheelchairs, and the flooring is almost entirely made of concrete.

Celtic Chaos & Camp Costume Camp

Toilets: Nearest toilets are outside near Ubertown.

There is access to the outdoor area via a step free door with a slight incline.
This room has a large dancefloor area, no steps. There is access to the outdoor area on one side.

Feral Resurrection

Toilets: there are gender neutral toilets In the corridor between it and outdoors. There is also quick access to the outdoor toilets through a door on one side.

There are two entrances from the outdoor terrace:
– One has two entrance two 13 cm steps with a width of 150cm and a tread of 150cm. Followed by another door with a width of 70 cm.
– A second entrance exists to the right of the DJ booth and is step-free with an incline

There is one entrance/exit connecting to Psychedellyfish,  step free with 120 cm width.

This room has a large dance floor and 2 bars on either side.


Toilets: Accessibility toilet can be accessed through this room. It has a 86 cm width and is found behind the bar behind 2 doors.

This is a medium room, with a large bar. It has step free access through each of the doorways to the adjacent rooms which are 120 cm in width. However the entrance from outside to indoors has a 4 cm step and ramp.


Toilets: Toilets found just outside this room near the stairs.

This is a smaller room on the first floor with a step-free DJ booth and a bar. There is a 2 cm step that goes across the entire room just before the entrance to Crumpet.
There is access via the stairs: 27 steps with a width of 104cm, height of 19 cm and 29 cm tread.


Toilets: Closest toilets are the same as TrashFrence, near the stairs.

This is a smaller room on the second floor, with raised platforms and an uneven floor. It has step access via 9 steps of 19 cm height from the 1st floor where Trashfence is.
The staircase also goes down to the ground floor near the accessibility toilet, however as the venue only opened that stairway this week, we don’t have exact measurements. We estimate it will be around an additional 27 steps of 19 cm height.

Outside Area (Inc Ubertown)

Toilets: There is one toilet outside. Between Ubertown and Feral Resurrection.
There are also portable loos adjacent to the existing toilets, including a portaloo accessible toilet.
The portaloo accessible toilet doesn’t have running water, please use sanitizer.

The outside area is mainly concrete, and step-free round the back of the containers, the containers themselves have steps which lead to the balcony area. 18 steps with a width of 94cm, height of 18cm and 26 cm tread. There are 2 bars inside the containers with a high frontage, cloakroom, and Welfare area.
Entrance to the rest of the venue includes 2 sets of 2 steps at 18 cm height, width 250 cm and tread 48 cm.

If you have accessibility needs and cannot get over the steps at the containers, you can go around the back of the containers by asking staff. This goes between production and Ubertown.

Outdoor area will be using fire effects during performances.

Ubertown can be found here near the entrances to Feral Resurrection and Camp Costume Camp. Close to the outdoor toilets.

There is also a staffed medical centre, and several food stalls. Food stalls will have allergens listed.

Entry into the venue is up a slight slope on concrete. This access point is usually for vehicles so the surface is slightly uneven in addition to the slight slope upon entry.