Molecular London Decompression Molecular Spectacular 2019Spectacular

Zooming deep down into the microscopic world, go beyond the visible and join us in a playground of attracting atoms, spinning cells and twisting strings of DNA.

Let’s turn the arches of Fire into a living organism and all of you into catalysts of wonder.

For all you fabulous artists, performers and camp creators out there, there is infinite scope for your creativity, so pick up your microscopes, telescopes, oscilloscopes, gyroscopes, kaleidoscopes and anyotherscopes and take us on a journey of discovery.

Be ambitious with scale or daring with structure to make us giant organic architectures to dance amongst, conduct a million molecules to make musical compounds or concoct sensory amusements for us with smell and taste and touch.

Dazzle us with natures most amazing materials, be chemists, biologists, inventors and magicians…. transform yourselves like carbon to gold, be our alchemists of dreams.