London Decompression will be back on Saturday 12th November 2022!

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Applications open now!

London Decompression is co-created magic. You are the event.
We’ve been at Fire for 3 years, we know it well. There’s a reason we keep coming back.
This an inclusive, beautiful space (once we’re done with it) with both indoor and outdoor areas.

We’re accepting applications to make Decom amazing.
Please fill these out as early as possible. Applications close on Wed Oct 12th.

All applicants must be members first! Sign up here.

Theme Camps Performances Art Workshops DJ


Theme Camps

Theme camps take full ownership for running a room at London Decompression. You’ll get to decorate and set-up the room, including sound and lighting, and schedule your own activities, performances, DJs.

We’ve had everything from a heavy german techno club to a psychedelic party, to a chill out cabaret – anything goes!

Theme camps need to apply with their concept and requirements.

The venue has differently sized rooms. It’s possible to share a room with another camp. If you’re in need of DJs or performers, or would like an art installation in your room – no problem, we will sort you out!

There are art grants available!

Applications close on Wed Oct 12th.

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Workshops are where we learn, grow and stretch ourselves. Workshops at Decom take place in an existing space, for anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour.

We’ve had workshops on everything from a massage cafe to shibari, to a lecture on quantum mechanics. Blow our minds!

Applications close on Wed Oct 12th.

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Make Decompression beautiful! Art is so much of the experience, we need your creative genius. This can be an installation, a sculpture, it can be interactive, it can be large, small or anything in between.

Let us know how much space you need, and where you’d like your piece to be placed. The venue has indoor and outdoor space.

Applications close on Wed Oct 12th.

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Radical self expression is one of our founding principles.
Be one of the stars helping us shine, perform at London Decompression!

This can be a performance on a stage – we have a cabaret stage with a full PA and lighting system, and a variety of ad-hoc performance space, or you can roam free around the venue!

Past performances have included fire, aerial, live music, burlesque, comedy, and more – it’s up to you. Let us know what you have in mind.

Applications close on Wed Oct 12th.

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Most DJs at Decom are selected by the theme camps responsible for each room. Your best chance of getting a DJ set is to team up with one of them.

A great meeting place is at London Burning Pub on October 20th

We’re an explicitly inclusive organisation, so welcome themeless DJs with open arms. We get scores of applications each year, but always try to place as many as we can!

Please submit your best mix, and we’ll do our best. Good luck!

Applications close on Wed Oct 12th.

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You will see our events announced on this website, or you can follow us on Facebook. 

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A year off 🙁

It will come as no surprise to hear that London Decompression is taking a year off in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch this space for future announcements ...

What you think!

Are you wondering what the average age was at Decom, where people came from or how many people volunteered? What did our members think of the variety of music, the venue, or our Leave a Better Trace policy this year? All is revealed in the London Decom 2019 Survey results ...

The morning after….

Wow, what a fantastic beautiful event!! We are a little speechless so for now just massive THANK YOU to all of the wonderful, amazing performers, themecamps, DJs, artists, volunteers and everybody else for making it the best Decom yet. So, what now? Please do share your photo but remember consent ...