Leaving a Better Trace

A guide for London Decompression

Suggestions for reducing your personal environmental impact:


When planning your costumes, choose second-hand, pre-loved and up-cycled items. Avoid buying new or using synthetic/plastic materials.

There are several opportunities for finding cheap or free second hand costumes in the lead-up to Decompression, such as clothes and costume swaps which will be communicated through the Facebook groups.

Consider not using glitter (even biodegradable glitter contains around 5-10% plastics) but organic body paint, for example.


Use public transport or cycling – the venue is next to Vauxhall tube and train stations and on several cycle highways.

If this is not an option, find a ride-share to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you are coming from afar, consider train before plane. If flying is the only option, work out your carbon usage and offset it using a carbon calculator.

Drinks & food

Bring your own reusable cup to the event. A sturdy travel cup is best, with a clip/carabiner to attach to yourself.

Decorate your cup and put your name on it in case it gets lost. (The venue does not allow glass or ceramic cups).

If you volunteer for Setup and Strike, bring your own reusable plate and cutlery (put your name on the bottom of the plate or container).

When buying drinks at the bar, use your cup and tell them upfront that you do not want a straw, and put cans and bottles in the correct recycling bins.


It is one of the core values of Burning Man, but unwanted gifts can also contribute to landfills.

Think of either items that are biodegradable or better yet, gift your time and energy to the event (there are many opportunities to do shifts for welfare, rangers, gate, greeters, chill-out cafe, giving massages, consent angel etc.) – you can sign up to volunteer here.