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London Decompression 2023

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New Venue near Docklands, East London.

November 18th

What is Decom?

You’ve probably heard of Burning Man. What you might not know is that the burner community spans the globe. We are limit defying creators, participators and conscious party makers.

As one of the world’s longest running burner events, we condense the spirit of a burn into a single night, organised, run and experienced by you.

The principles are simple, the experience is life changing.

Co-Created Magic

Made by you

Decompression is a party like no other. Your venue. Your friends. Your night. You create everything. Participation is one of our principles, and there’s a reason. Life is better when you get involved.

Hive Mind Imagination

Decentralised design = Unimaginable creations

Decom is never one thing. A club, a cabaret, a party, a workshop, a performance, an experience, everything. See our plans as they develop.

Welfare / Self-Care

Accessible to All

Inclusion is one of our guiding principles. We work to make Decompression accessible to everyone, with welfare officers on site and fully trained medics available at all times. Got a question? Get in touch or check out our FAQs!

A Safe Space

Decom is an open and safe space for artists and clubbers; we operate a zero-tolerance policy to racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ageism and any form of discrimination or harassment.

Consent is more than a principle. It underpins everything.