What is London Decompression?

We are aiming to bring a little bit of that Playa magic to London so you’ll find all kinds of music, there will be various art installations (maybe not quite as big as on playa 😉) and a variety of performers. We will have different rooms run by various Theme Camps so there should be something for every taste and mood.

Somebody described it as “a little bit like a night on the playa (but with less dust) – everyone dresses up, there’s music for those who want to dance, and social areas for those who just want to chat or chill.”

If you have burner friends you want to reconnect with, or make new burners friends, Decom is a great place for that!

Just like Burning Man and Nowhere, Decom is run entirely by volunteers and follows the 10 core principles of Burning Man and Nowhere – self-expression, self-reliance, community, no commerce, leave no trace, participation, inclusion, gifting, co-operation and immediacy. Make sure you know all about them…

We are still looking for volunteers and a few leads – so please do get involved. Decom is made by YOU!