2016 Financial Report

Area Total  
Community £1,804.35 Community grants, crew party, regional meetings
Decor £4,294.00 Venue decoration
Fluffing £1,406.39 Food and drink for the volunteers
Gate & Greeters £684.07 Gate, greeters and inclusion teams
Honoraria £8,767.61 Art grants, theme camp grants
Insurance £776.20 Venue and company insurance
Printing £2,037.60 Posters, wall hangings
Professional Services £117.99 Marketing, accountancy, banking, web/IT
Setup £669.42 Build, health and safety, misc materials, radios
SLaP £3,016.40 Sound, lights and power
Storage £737.99 Yearly storage
Transport £556.68 Transport to and from venue
Venue £3,120.00 Hire of Coronet
Welfare £282.70 Welfare Enough
Wristbands £292.20 Volunteer wristbands
Grand Total £28,563.60