Decompression 2022

The Realms of unearthly delights

Leave this world, make a better one.

Fire, Vauxhall, London
November 12th

What’s Going On?

In an age of uncertainty and possibility, we co-create a sensory journey into the realms of play, pleasure and absurdity, reimagining Bosch’s world in our own way.

Now is the time of resurgence and renaissance where we discover our own destinies. Indulge in a wild rebirth. Logic is abandoned. What we imagine is only half of what we experience.

Enter the void.

Co-Created Magic

A Club

Music makes moments magical. Whatever else happens at Decompression, the beats are always there. Come prepared to dance and play with fantastic beasts from other worlds.

A Cabaret

You are the night. You are the performance. There will be cabaret. There will be burlesque, beauty, breathtaking performances, moments you’ll remember forever.

A Connection

The fantastic creatures that you find in the realms of unearthly delights bring their whole selves. Come dressed as you are, not as people expect you to be. Experience the art, the manifestations of people’s souls in this realm. Connect.

A Chance to Learn

Revelry isn’t everything. Decompression is also a space where we get the chance to teach each other. Learn a skill, learn about yourselves, master something new in one of our workshops on everything from clowning to poetry to quantum mechanics.

Welfare / Self-Care


Decompression exists because you make it magical. Get involved, bring a show, volunteer, put your hands up, life’s better when you’re a part of the team.

An Inclusive Space

For Everyone

The Realms of Unearthly Delights are explicitly anti sexist anti racist and underpinned by consent. This is unbelievably serious, and makes our events unbelievably magical. Read the principles, learn them, they will show you the way.